I phone

The new iPhone X is launched next week, hailed by Apple as a large ‘leap forward’. This £999 contraption has an edge-to-edge screen, a face recognition system and no home button.

I believe that the now old fashioned method of accessing your phone – by using your finger print on a touchpad – is secure enough. I don’t think that my face is any more unique than my fingerprint. Apple disagree, saying that the odds of touch ID being unlocked by a stranger are 50,000-1, rising to 1,000,000-1 for facial ID. Whooppee.

It’s that sort of reasoning that makes me even more certain that iPhones are purchased as an accessory rather than a functioning gadget. They are probably one of the only companies in the world that don’t conduct user research. They can’t do, evidenced by the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Practicality is my main concern when purchasing a phone. Yes, I like to have the latest version, but it needs to be functional in a way that benefits me. Interestingly I’ve met two people recently who definitely will not be queuing to purchase Apple’s new baby.

The first told me that she never bought anything at launch. She let other people find out the faults, and would only buy a new gadget after it had been on the market a decent time. The other simply will not purchase a phone without a removable battery.  The more I think about this, and my almost psychotic obsession with ensuring my current mobile’s charge remains over 90%, I reckon I will follow his stance for my next purchase.

Which will definitely not be an iPhone X.

(Oh, and it’s referred to as the ‘iPhone 10’. But written as the ‘iPhone X’. Ha, clever eh.)

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