Hopes for 2016…….

Reflecting on my ‘Hopes for 2014’ post, it’s abundantly clear that I was in a particularly optimistic frame of mind back then. I’m not sure that any of my then hopes have been realised, and the industry has probably gone backwards in some respects.

So for 2016 I’m going to keep it simple.

I love digital marketing and the possibilities it presents. I believe marketing automation is one of the genuine marketing advancements made over recent times, and that an effective website presence can be used to make a real difference to bottom line revenue, as can social media.

But there are now so many tactical options available to implement a marketing strategy, let’s not just concentrate on the ‘trending’ methods. Let’s write effective press releases and use the media to the full; have an effective presence at events, with measurable ROI; brand and position products and organisations with flair and professionalism.

Let’s remember that marketing is indeed a mix of disciplines, and that ‘digital’ doesn’t replace the ‘old’ skills and methods, it adds to them.